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Nude Escapades of Christmases Past.

Wow, December already, Christmas is on the horizon, or just under it. We have two more weeks of creating nude images for presents under the tree. We were laughing at some of our client’s stories from previous years.

We thought it would be fun to share the mirth.

dec blog 2Under the tree at Susan’s fiancé’s home was wrapped a large wonderful, full nude image we had created of her. Everyone but her fiancé John knew what it was, but of course had not seen it. His mom had recommended this as the perfect gift, having been in to see us herself. Slowly, all the gifts were unwrapped except the large gift from Susan behind the tree. Suddenly as John pulled it out from behind the tree, everyone had something to do in the kitchen. But, just as John was about to unwrap his present, his best friend since childhood walked in, asking “what’s up.” John replied, “Just opening the last gift.” Not connecting the call to the kitchen, Stephan stayed. But as the wrapping paper was peeled away, he did suddenly remember there was something in the kitchen that needed him to be there after all!

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Carol, told us of her well-intended surprise. Actually, her intent was to embarrass her husband on camera. At her pre-Christmas party they were unwrapping small gifts. Her gift to him was a bifold with two nude images. Everyone had an inkling of what the gift was so there was a video camera on his face as he unwrapped it. They got the reaction they wanted; he was perfectly stunned and thrilled. But he saw the chance to turn the tables on her when he spotted a video camera aimed at Carol’s face. He flipped the bifold around to his bemused audience leaving it open long enough to get his wife’s shocked reaction. It is a surprise that is still talked about.

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We have had 28 nude and boudoir image gifts that have resulted directly into proposals of marriage. They became the last nudge to get that final commitment.

This was Irene’s Christmas plan. She pulled out all the stops with seductive posing, cool outfits; all going into the largest album we can create. She gave it to him early; being so intimate she thought an unwrapping at the family gathering would hold too many surprises. He was thrilled then disappeared the next day for several hours. She was hoping it was to get the ring. It turned out it was two tickets to a dream vacation spot, which was not a bad runner up. Upon arrival, she discovered he had brought her gift album along. It was mesmerizing him. On the third day in, she arrived at the suite to find the album open to his favorite page. Nestled on the page was a stunning ring. As she reached out to touch the ring, he slipped in behind her saying. “You know, every time I look at your book, I realize, you are not really spoken for.” Then he went into his proposal. She was so thrilled to have gotten her Christmas wish!

So nude portraits can make for an interesting and fun gift giving experience.

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