“OH, My”……

There are moments that have caused me to pause. Moments that have allowed me to look at where I am and chose to alter my course, small or large brilliant flashes of awareness that have taken my breath away. Moments I can own, they define a new beginning and an end. A start of a new adventure, a pause in the normal flow of life; an “OH, My…. “ moment.

It’s these moments that make life the wondrous, emotional experience that it is. They move us past our “default” settings and into living by design. Where we embrace our “OH, My” moments and use them as a tool to craft our life’s path.


4643D-0066JJ-medalSome moments are joyous, some heart wrenching. They can be predictable, like a birthday or anniversary. The “ten” moments come to mind: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. Or they can completely blindside you. Anyway you look at it, we all have our defining “Oh, My”.

In my time with Inner Spirit I have seen so many defining moments. Beautiful women marking their lives with celebration of a change, a birthday, an event or an adversity overcome. “Its my 50th Birthday”; “our 20th Wedding anniversary”, “I am 1 year Cancer free” or “our first Baby”. We have seen and shared in so many moments with so many beautiful, powerful women.

Each woman defining the next stage of their life by marking triumphantly the “Oh My” that they are embracing.


One of my “Oh, My” Moments was when I received my journeyman’s Certificate in the mail. After 10 years of working as a mechanic the defining moment of completion after I opened the certificate and truly finished the long chapter of “Apprentice”. I then felt I could officially step into a new role as a leader and mentor. I shook and cried and was overjoyed, and then disappointed that the envelope didn’t come with a trumpeted fanfare. But I embraced my moment and marked it with enthusiasm and pride.

What Is your “Oh, My “ Moment? How will you chose to mark it?





Posted by: Emily S

I am a wife, mother, and mechanic. I came to Inner Spirit as a client and now am helping women like myself come through this amazing experience.