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Roaming Nude In Her Home.

 Her home was a delicate understatement in its simplicity. Which is also to say it was small but it was her personal space, she new it intimately. It reflected her. It was going to be an amazing session.

Pg23-24 copy Now, I love my studio. Jan, my wife, calls it my play space. I know nearly all the things I can do here. Its more than my studio; its a creative extension of me. Yet, it is always exciting to go on location; new light, new angles, new challenges to spur creative solutions.

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 Her home was placed east west which gave great lighting choices. It was a small place with interesting corners. It had been painted richly but retained the mystic quality that all very old homes do. Her nude and lingerie photography portrait would become one more layer of the history this home had seen.

 If these walls could speak it would be in 1,000 word bursts, the voice of each of her photographs. Ah, I have been wanting to write that phrase for awhile. But really, when photographing in homes, you can feel the history connecting with our subject.

 Everything in a home is selected to reflect, sooth, remind and bring joy to the person nestled into it. I guess that is why I love photographing in homes, it adds layers to the images, it gives a real depth to each image. Depth that often a casual or unconnected viewer cannot get, but I believe, can feel.

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We started in the dining room, which in moments would have the fairy tale light of early morning streaming in. Right on cue the light filtered through sheer drapes covering a glass wall of doors. A soft golden glow tinted the already yellow walls.

 It was a magical light to start her photography. She moved gracefully into it.

 I have to admit here, Pam is not your average woman or my average client. Her slender athletic build is from a youth of training for the modern Olympics pentathlon. While still actively training she had become a very successful doctor.

 Her first photography experience had been with me in my studio; it had been for a gift. This session, this adventure, was for herself. She was still a bit nervous, slowly getting comfortable in front of my camera. Here, in her space, it was more personal, more revealing of her. Intimate on another level. So each image held a deeper, more personal meaning.


 She trusted I would help her transcend her nerves as we took each image. Like all my clients, Pams nervousness faded quickly, which I always enjoy watching.

 The living room had rich red walls and a delightful couch. What gave her session a totally different element was the living room window. The sheer drapes caught the full blast of the afternoon sun. It created a gentle, near shadow-less light.

 The window itself was perfect for creating near silhouettes with the soft light revealing her form as it wrapped gently around her figure. The sheers gave no hint of the outside world. Of all her images, these showcased her lean athletic figure the best.

 For me, one of the home session joys was we could work nearly completely in natural light. There is quality to natural light that flash, despite the best modifiers, cannot quite deliver.

 Our work, the images we create, are intimate on so many levels. Creating images in a home just adds to that. Even if the images dont showcase much of the home, having the experience there enriches each image.


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