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Selena Gomez’s Nude Was Inspired By Jennifer Aniston’s Nude Session

(But you might be surprised what the nudes were really about)

 As bold and suggestive as some of the Internet headlines are about these “nudes” the real reason for these Selena’s and Jennifer’s nudes are actually the same reason the average woman has her nudes done.

 This fascinates us, since so many of our clients mention the same reason. In fact, they will include the same pose, which we call the suggestive nude, in their portfolio. For a while this pose was the most popular image our clients invested in for their walls.

 In interviews, Selena comments how her album’s cover image also speaks to larger themes about her self-image and empowerment.

 A follow up post to Selena’s nude album cover had beside it a version of Jennifer Aniston’s photograph from years earlier that the singer had kept for inspiration.

 The photograph wasn’t the only thing that inspired her. It was really Jennifer’s stance that did that; what she represented about her self, her daring and boldness that fueled it.

 But in her expanding interviews about the image along with the music that will be coming with it, she talks about the bigger themes behind doing her nude album cover.


 It’s about taking control of her image, a statement to those she called “body shamers” that, thank you very much, she is happy with her body; likes it and is comfortable with it as it is. Even of its changes, like her weight gains and loss. She was not going to passively take it anymore.

 In a Ryan Seacrest interview she told Ryan she wanted to show enough skin to communicate she is proud of her body. She explained it is a stunning and beautiful representation of where I’m at.”

 “It was almost like therapy,” Selena muses. “It was so exhausting.” She explained she has learned “it’s okay to . . . feel sexy and good.” She later posted that the photograph and music were about overcoming insecurities.

 Several therapists from diverse disciplines have reacted to her comments. Pointing to other celebrities that are publishing suggestive nudes and full nudes as part of their interviews. The themes are consistent, the images are tied into celebrations of who they are and their bodies at this point in their lives.

 Age does not matter with the gamut ranging from Selena at 23 to Sharon Stone at 52 in Harper’s Bazaar. It is a bold baring of it all, both emotionally and physically. From that a confidence is gained or expanded.  Unlike paparazzi or in the everyday women’s lives friend’s snapshots, they have a professional photographer take images guided by her; that lets a woman define her image to the world.


 Even if the “world” never sees all of them, the mind is strengthened by the creation of the images on their terms under their direction and input.

 All of this of course impacts on the removal of insecurities, establishes body acceptance while at the bottom line, the culmination of all this, is rocket fuel for self-esteem and confidence.

 It has been observed by the celebrities themselves that, yes these risqué images do have marketing uses; they are not one dimensional in the reason for publishing them. They all comment that these are also their personal statement images, in some cases rebuttal images, to a world of harsh comments.  Just because these images push their brand or marketing needs doesn’t diminish their personal purpose and use.

 The celebration of a woman’s body by and for herself at whatever body stage she is at is healthy; empowering. Especially in this age where so many people may not be supportive of that, intentionally or not.

 Woman are finding that Selena’s and Jennifer’s nude images, along with a rising tide of other not so famous women, inspiring for them. They are commissioning their own self-image/self celebration nude portfolios. It is changing how others perceive them, even how they interact with the world after the photography session.

 I am thrilled to be part of that movement, to be adding that value to a woman’s perspective of herself. It is exciting to be the creation part of what having nudes done is all about.  Do you think your images would inspire?

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Posted by: Mark Laurie

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