She Cried Last Night – I Planned It

Some photographs are so powerful the moment you look at them they grab you emotionally. Before you even have a chance to think about what you are looking at, you are lost to its emotional grip instantly. You don’t expect it, even if you are anticipating it, it can still leave you gasping.

This is what great photographers and artists, strive to do with each image. It is not always in the search of the happy emotion. Paintings that terrify, movies where a beloved character, sometimes the hero themselves, suddenly die, or a front-page tragedy photograph. Before your mind even registers what it is seeing, before you can decide what you think about that art/image, your heart responds, your body reacts. Your mind then struggles to regain composure.

Luckily not all artists reach for feelings of loss or fear in their art. I, you will be glad to know, am not one of those!

Last night we had a chance to really create a touching moment so we took a chance on an idea.

She, the woman who would be crying in about 15 min., arrived to see her images. She arrived just after her dear friend who was also my close friend and client. I showed her what we had planned, what we were taking a chance on. She was stunned by it too. We hid it away.

I dimmed the lights, got them comfortable; queued the music then ran the teaser show. It’s a collection of images that bring back the experience of the day, highlights you might say.

They both gasped a few times, she even held her hand over her mouth on a few. We ran through the full collection, trimming the images down to her most desired. She was getting emotional. Even though she was anticipating these images to be moving, she found they were beyond her expectations.

I love that.

We came to the “what should we do with these” stage of the presentation. She had seen the latest art piece our mutual friend had had commissioned. Not surprisingly she started to talk about her own montage.

This was what we had taken a chance on. With her images, they were perfect for this new technique we had just refined. We had already created one, mounted it, even had the certificate of authenticity secured to the back. I had hidden it just out of sight behind her.

I said, “Just a moment, let me show you something.” I think she missed the wicked gleam in our friend’s eye.

She wasn’t sure what was happening as I slipped past her to pull out our creation.

As her image went into her hands, for a split second of confusion her face was blank. Then her eyes registered what she was looking at, she gasped then she cried.

It was nearly instant, her face went red, tears flooded down her cheeks; one hand came up to her mouth. Her face distorted as she tried to control her rolling emotions, then she just gave up, giving her heart free rain to express.

She cried for about 5 or more minutes before regaining her composure.

It was, she decreed, exactly what she had imagined, even more so. I think our friend even clapped her hands.

It was to be the cornerstone gift to an upcoming birthday, although it was as much for her as anyone else.

This is exactly why I am in this profession, at different levels this happens a lot, although a 5 min cry is unusual even for us!

In paintings, drawings, photography even movies; you will find art that is pretty, that is technically stunning. They seem to do all the right things, you even admire them, perhaps point them out. When it emotionally moves you, before you even understand why, then you have to own it. So you can look at it again and again to get that feeling just as often.

An artist, famous I think, was quoted as say, (and I might be paraphrasing a little here) “ If the art you are looking at does not move you, you might as well save your money and admire the wall.”

Every woman should expect to have her breath taken away when she sees her images transformed to reflect the art she desires. That is the moment we want to lose you too!


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.