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She Did Nude Photos  For Her Daughter.

She needed to get nudes done to help her daughter. That may seem odd but it was very important to her. Let me share her explanation, you might find a reason yourself, it is a bold reason.

Casi was not happy with her body, had not, possibly ever, been happy or even accepting of her body. She could list so many issues at the drop of a hatpin. Her clothing, she explained, even her posture, hairstyle, all reflected this.

She had gotten used to this perspective with her body.

Her daughter changed all this.

Like a good mom, she was concerned about her daughter’s self esteem, her body acceptance. She had always taught her to be proud of her body, to be happy with it, not to be embarrassed about it.


It dawned on her that her daughter was watching her, learning less from about what she said and more about how she acted. Which was at odds with what she wanted to teach her daughter.

So here she was, facing her largest fear, her biggest insecurity; her body.

Part of her insecurities with her body came from photographs, cameras seemed like bad intentioned mean things. She was about to face her two biggest fears; for her daughter.

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She felt she had to teach by example; she was terrified of the next step, the letting her robe drop then walking into

a plain and simple setting

.She took a very deep breath, slowly let it out, to calm herself. She let her robe slip from her shoulders; it fluttered to the floor. With another deep breath she stepped on to the set, nude, then turned to face my camera.

To her surprise, my camera treated her nicely. Lights crafted for her figure, camera angles selected to enhance her features. Halfway through she noticed how much fun she was having, she actually was enjoying herself.


This was the story she would share with her daughter; her acceptance of her own body, her boldness with it.

Her images would be her reality, no touchups no photoshop. Her purpose was to be real. She could have an idealized image created later. For now this was a different journey. Which she was surprised to be enjoying.
In creating a lesson for her daughter, an example, she told me she learned a lot about her self.
Photography is an interesting thing, different meaning, different purpose for creation, different visions and results. For Casi what started out as some scary thing to do for her daughter, became something for herself to share.
I bet the conversations would have been fascinating to overhear.
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