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She had a wicked smile, or smiled wickedly, I was not quite sure which it was. Her eyes did sparkle with mischief.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well,” she started, “I am a mother of three darling children and a housewife. I really want sensual, romantic very, very sexy.  I want pictures that find the woman I was, does that make sense?”

dec162 is blogIt did and we did, she was amazing as she explored and expressed a nearly forgotten side of herself.


To a large or small degree it seems that some women have lost a piec
e of who they are. Or some want to try to express or find an aspect they wish to grow. Life rushes you along then suddenly you find a pause moment and wonder, where did that other self go?

Our client in on the weekend had just exited from dec163 is blog
a horribly emotional relationship. The veneer to the world was a focused woman in charge, but she told me she really needed an experience that she could find strength in. One that affirmed she was confident and beautiful, that she really had the confidence she projected. After the session she explained that the experience was what she needed, the astonishment from her friends that she had been so bold was supportive of her goal. The images, were the proof that the change had actually happened. They became the trigger for the whole emotional affirmation.

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It occurs to me we see a lot of women who are looking for something lost. Coming out of bad relationships or even leaving an ok one for very good reasons, means a new look at your self. The arc of that experience leaves her in doubt about her self worth, her beauty (not in a vain way) The confidence, the sense of beauty is still there, it has been masked. She needs a chance to do something that brings it back into the light,

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Sometimes what they are looking for just is not there. Cheryl came in wanting an experience and to find her softer, feminine side. The demur girl inside of her take-charge character that enabled her to thrive as the head of her competitive company was who she was looking for.  Each time we set something up, she would tweak it until it screamed “in charge here!” She discovered that while she did not only have a hard driven side, she was not a girly-girl kind of girl. She was comfortable being in charge. Her choice of the tribal body art was in itself a bold statement of identity.

Yet sometimes the session is about what they don’t want to lose. Carissa had found her mom, in her youth, was just like her, vibrant, sensual and so daring. Yet now those aspects had withered to dust and drifted away. Her purpose was to do photo shoots with us that would magnify those things about her, then have images and recurring photo experiences to keep them alive; blossoming.

To create art that is intentional in it’s purpose to enrich, embolden . . . even to redefine a woman’s life. That is so exciting to us.

I like to deliver back the wicked smiles with sparkling eyes.

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