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She has never once liked a photo of herself, now she loves them!

I have known this woman for years. She has been through a lot.

She has gone up in weight and down. She’s been happy and sad, married and divorced. Pregnant and a new mother, a working mom and stay at home mom. I have known her through a lot of growing pains and changes.

And for at least 4 years I have been telling her to come for a photo shoot.

As she struggles with her body image, and dating after divorce, I know this is one of the most ego building things that she could do for herself, but also as a good friend I couldn’t push. This is such an intimate experience that you have to be ready to do it for yourself and not for anyone else.

She is a beautiful woman and she’s been through so much. She had lost over 100lbs and was radiant. But she just couldn’t see past the reflection she saw every day.

We speak often and she will always poke fun at herself. But she follows it up with “But I am hot!”. She was trying to believe in herself, she needed to believe in herself and to solidify this image that she is beautiful and “worth it”.


We had chatted about this session for years. Going over and over it. Finally, she said that she was ready to come in and meet Mark. I was so excited for her. She was so nervous!

We sipped coffee as she nervously giggled through her consultation and my heart broke for her when she said: “I just want to be pretty….and I don’t look like the women in these photos.”

After her photo session was over and she was getting ready to leave she seemed stunned. latter she confessed:

“I can’t believe that I just did that, and that it was wonderful. I felt comfortable and safe, and beautiful. I felt like a movie star. I have never imagined that this would be ok, never mind so wonderful!”

After viewing her photos she left buzzing. Later we sat down together and she cried..

“I can’t believe that this is me, do people see me like this? Is this really what I look like?”

Yes, this is how you look when you are not criticizing yourself in front of a mirror.

Yes, you are beautiful, yes this is what people see when they look at you, this is your true self.

She cried for close to an hour.

She will tell you that “she has never once liked a photo of her self, but now she loves her ones from Inner Spirit”.




Posted by: Emily S

I am a wife, mother, and mechanic. I came to Inner Spirit as a client and now am helping women like myself come through this amazing experience.