Big wet fun in the Inner Spirit Studio water set sessions, Calgary

Really, my staff is looking at me like I have become unhinged. Let me explain.

Usually my nude or lingerie images are arty or sensual, fun with big grins, or dramatic. But today I am going through images from our Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Set Session. Some of these are hilarious! I came across a cache of images that caught the humorous moment.

For example, Ann Marie Hunter is sitting in this clear inflatable pool chair floating in our set. She is trying to arch just a little more for the effect and the chair starts to go over backwards. Her face becomes an expressive canvas of her thoughts. As she starts to roll over, you can see her realizing what is happening, trying to figure out how she can save herself. Then this huge grin as she decides to just go with it. That was the shot I got.

Early in our development of the water set we had not perfected things. One day the hot water feed to our water hose broke, so we had to revert to the cold outside water tap or stop for the day. Our bold clients decided to continue on with the very cold water. After all, they had the makeup, they were already wet, so heck yeah, go for it.

When the cold water hit them, you could see their huge gasp at the shock of it. Still, we got some great shots.

One of my treasured moments came after the session. My assistant, Emily, was thrilled to be the water girl who got to spray the rain and throw the buckets of water. She told me she does not do wet herself, so she would not be getting wet or getting in the water. She really got into the fun of the session, though. In the last shot we could not get the water right, and the only way was to shoot the spray from down low. In the end, she was laying flat in the water shooting the spray up behind our client.

She started laughing when she realized how soaked she was. It was a great shot, though. At the time she was still working as a mechanic at the bus garage. I emailed the image to her while she was at work. A coworker took her phone to see what was so funny; he was shocked to see the topless girl covered in water. (Amanda had approved us using her images.) So it got passed around and they asked why she had this image of a nearly naked girl. “Because I am in it,” she said. They had all missed her, so it went around again.

Another client had brought some huge boa constrictor snakes along. I had not known they were good with water – loved it actually – so I kept them from getting wet. It wasn’t until we were packing the snakes up that I found out they were wanting a swim.

A nude woman and boa constrictor in the Inner Spirit Studio water set sessions, Calgary

On the more romantic side, we had a client bring in some paper boats, each with a small candle it that we had floating around her. We had to shoot fast because the boats kept bursting into flames and sinking. Luckily she had brought a lot along.

Melissa brought along a bunch of rubber duckies, all yellow and cheery, except for the red devil evil grinning one. They went with her tattoo.

Of all the special sets we create, the Wet n Wild is the most unpredictable and spontaneous. If this appeals to you, we have it on for only two days in July, the 26 and 27th. There are 6 spots left.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.