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She Was So Scared, But Not the Other Women.

 Sometimes she stops to explain her insecurities, her fears, her body issues; then she tells her reasons for wanting what she sees so badly. Then more about her body concerns.

 Sometimes she arrives and squeals in delight; what she sees is what she has been looking for; lots of questions, can she do this and this, she loves that, it would be so cool to do this. Sometimes she excitedly calls her friend over, pointing to the most thrilling thing she wants to do.

 Her friend squeals with her sometimes, other times she just shakes her head.

 Then another woman steps up. She smiles, points, sometimes she even taps on it; she says, “This is me, I did this.”


 To the women with body issues, fears, she tells her story. How she came past this exact place 9 times, talked to everyone who had made the leap, wanting to ride into doing it on their confidence. How she was a single mom with two divorces behind her that had beat up her self-confidence. Her body had not snapped back to pre-baby shape; which troubled her self-image. There was more as they shared concerns, nearly identical viewpoints.

 After a bit of this, the smiling other woman pauses. She steps back, she points to her body with a flourish. “Look at this, it changed me, it changed my life. I think every woman should do this at least once. Just to feel like this!” Her smile gets bigger. She is almost nude in this place, body paint covers her chest in a delicate design, stockings with garters encase her legs.

 “ I started more nervous than you, even scared. Yet, in 30 minutes, it just melted away. I could not believe how exciting it was. How great I looked. How much I suddenly appreciated my body.”  She paused. “I felt powerful. I felt beautiful; it was amazing.”

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 “He gave me so much confidence, I can even do this now, I love it. You have to experience this. “

 To the woman who sighs with delight at finding out all of the possibilities she has been looking for, the woman who smiles broadly simply says, “I know, it’s magical. When do you want to experience this?”

 Women swirl around this spot. Most, to be honest, swirl past it, don’t even glance at it. It is not for everyone, it is for those few seeking something, ready for something, wanting something. Even those just curious don’t stay for long.

 But for those who resonate with its rhythm, even if they are nervous, are looking for confidence to do it; to experience it, to them this place is a magnet.

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 There are several different women who step up, smile and tap an image. Their stories are different, always real and personal. Yet, there is this thread that is the same, that is what they all share. Their journey, their adventure, and how it changed them, as all good experiences do.

 I love watching this. I am, after all, the person who delivers part of the experience. I take the photographs, I learn of their hopes, create a vision with them that becomes tangible images to enjoy. I don’t do it alone, a team of women swirls around my clients supporting and enhancing their experience.

 Last weekend it was a tradeshow, Taboo, next week it will repeat itself at a Rotary Club charity auction.


 The personally expressive nudes and boudoir images are the tangible reason women commission us for their adventure. What they really enjoy and cherish is the personal effects from doing such an adventure. An adventure that for many stretches them out of their comfort zone, giving them fresh viewpoints of their bodies; even of themselves.

 If you feel the magic, the magnetic pull of curiosity, this might just be the thing for you.  That first step is the boldest, just chatting, exploring. After that, you are in the flow, it is easy and comfortable; you will be amazed!  I actually guarantee your delight and amazement.

Who knows, you might become the woman who smiles, taps an image and shares your story with the next nervous woman.

X1141F-0011JL PS:

The cute blonde in the photos is Angela, the first woman mentioned. Those conversations actually took place. Amazing Amanda did her body painted art. She did squeal when she saw it finished. Her other two images are from her photography session. Jayne is the woman in black, Melody Keilek did her body paint, she is nude but for her panties.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.