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Start Your Year On Fire
Do Something Bold

Every great start needed a burst, a brilliant launch that dazzles. A bold statement that grabs attention, makes people around you gasp.

No one ever said a timid, quiet kickoff gets you places!

When you start a year doing something that scares you, exhilarates you . . . you are signalling what the year is all about. The start promises how you will finish.

Some say the universe waits, watching for a sign, an action from you before it starts to deliver what you desire, what you dream of. That must be why the bold prosper, why they have such rich lives. The universe sees them bursting out the door.

The first month of the year I think must be the defining month. It’s a natural point, it’s a page turned, a fresh blank page waiting to be filled, the start of a new, promising book. You might say it’s the cover art.

Nothing but possibilities on the horizon, your back turned to whatever happened last year.

One client explained she started each New Year plunging into ice-cold water. The frozen cap chiseled away. She focuses on how alive she is when she plunges in, completely immersed. It is an anchor moment for her whole year, a reminder to be fully immersed in her year, in her goals, in going for her passions.

She breathed this out in halting words, expressing her nerves were more alive at that moment than they ever were plunging into frigid waters. At that moment she was about to step out of the last of her clothes to embrace her body. It was a body she had been having an on-again off-again feud with.

“But,” she exhaled; “this experience was about more than just finding my own beauty and acceptance. It was to experientially tell myself this year I was going to be charged, exciting, overcoming any obstacles. This year, the universe will notice I am ready.”

Her robe slipped off, she gasped an intake of air so tiny it was almost missed. Then quivering but determined she strode into my photography set. It was the last stitch she wore for 4 hours.

She finished her experience exuberantly, thrilled with herself. It was, she declared, “a stunning way to start off the year. Every woman should do this!”

So why does this work?

I don’t believe it has to be a photography session, although being a photographer I think it would be great if you chose us. I think it is any experience that has you facing a fear in a risky way, not death risky, but way out of the comfort zone. When you make that leap things click inside your head, deep inside. Something changes.

It is said that something once stretched, can never go back to the old shape. A perspective once changed becomes enlightened. Once you do something like this, you surprise yourself; that is remembered.

One client explained what happened to her over the following year. Every time something that scared her came along, she weighed the scared level to her scare level of coming in for her nude photos. Nothing that year so far came even close. The nude photo experience turned out so well, how could this lesser thing not?

People consider you differently, no matter what the bold thing you did was. Especially if it is nudes, odds are they see it as something they could not do. They see you as a much stronger, confident person than them to have done it. Maybe even a little crazy.

That is a pretty cool side benefit.

To have this year realize it’s incredible potential, give it a start that is on fire. Jump through the flaming hoop!

You don’t want to be starting next year wishing you had launched this one right. If you are looking for an exciting flaming hoop, I can offer up our photography experience. We have a range of concepts; some will push your comfort zone.

We actually have a book out, Revelations, which showcases 6 women’s stories of how photography changed their journey. They talk about what they overcame, what it took to climb some challenges. It is pretty inspiring. So inspiring that you can have it as a free gift. Just go to Revelations to get it.

Now you can do big bang things, blazing stuff, in other months. It is just not the same as doing it in January. This is the month you set the year up. Your mind knows you are setting the year up. This is the nature, the rarity of doing this at the start of the year.

So, what big risky thing will you do that will charge up your year? Change your life?

It could be photography . . .

Please leave a note, tell me what yours is.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.