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That Morning She Gave Her Soul, That Night She Gave Her Body.

 That was what she told me, before it happened, before she did it, even before she made her request of me.

 There was a day, in the future, set in stone. Nothing would change her destiny for that day. She called it a “portal” day. Once she stepped through that day, nothing would ever be the same afterward. She knew the exact moment when she would totally bare her soul, lay it on the altar, totally revealed, be bound forever to her soul mate. It would completely close the door to her past, opening up a new one, her Portal. There would be tears, much joy, new bonding.

 But that night, that night would be different.

 That night she would give her body.

 But not as one would expect; at least not at first.

She believed in moments, in Portals, in symbols that bound the emotions and memories of the moment the portals happened. She believed one needed to pause, drink in that moment, savor it a bit; be aware of passing through the portal into the next breath.

 And this, this final step through her portal, through their portal, this needed a symbol, something to come back to. Something that would be their anchor to this moment, these feelings, this amazing start; something they would treasure.

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 Then she made her request.

 She wanted me to create her symbol.

 She explained that that night she had a private ceremony planned. It was to be in between the pause of arriving and before, she smiled coyly, the fun.

 He knew her, he knew she would do something like this, he would indulge her, enjoying it as much as she did.

 She would tell him that that morning she had given him her soul; her being but tonight she would give him her body. This is not a trivial thing she was doing, this second part, she would explain. I was not her groom yet I found it very moving.

 These things, she explained, needed to end with a flourish, a prize . . . imagine fireworks; a grand finale.

 For this portal moment, she needed a big book of nudes; elegant, playful, very racy, powerful, innocent; the range of what her body could express.

 This was her request of me.

 I loved her plan. It was so exciting to become part of her portal day. She put heart and soul into her ideas. We spent the day exploring everything about her. Her images were not just glossy shots of her figure, but reflections of the women below the skin. She was not perfect in the Playboy/Ad girls sense, and she did not care about that, she knew she was perfect for him.

 She also knew she was perfect for her.

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 She told me she became more comfortable in her own skin as the session progressed. She was surprised at how quickly her inhibitions and nerves fled.

 After her wedding night and the honeymoon, she told me about how her private event went. She gleefully recounted his reaction after the moment she placed the book in his hands. She described it as the longest emotional silence she had ever seen from him. He just turned the pages, occasionally looking up soulfully at her.

 He agreed, it was the perfect Portal Moment Symbol for them.

 Not every woman who gives a book of nude images as their wedding night gift creates a Portal Moment Symbol. Although many do once I tell the story. They are all thrilled with the delightfully stunned reaction they get. It seems that it is a totally unexpected gift, which is what is wanted in a wedding night gift.


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