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The Most Powerful Approach to Personal Empowerment.

 Amazingly, it was discovered 160 years ago by Dr. Hugh Welch Diamond, in his efforts to positively alter his female patient’s perception of themselves using real images, photographs.

 It was cutting edge back then and oddly, it is again now.  He was the first to recognize the power of a photograph on a person. The world begged him to tell about it and he did.

 160 years later, we know it’s the whole experience that creates the greatest impact and change. For most people, the fear of being photographed is nestled between public speaking and having a  root canal. Honestly, part of a real study!

 Empowerment comes from facing personal obstacles and fears, getting to the core of your beliefs, perhaps even changing them.

 The nude portrait experience is powerful for this; although interestingly, it’s not the nude part that is the most difficult for most. That is the mask of the real thing that pauses you.  It is all wrapped up in body image, it is exposure not just of your likeness but who you are, what you want to project.

 Then, from seeing the un-retouched images to finally holding a polished image of you in your hands it is an amazing sensation, that moment of realization. It is the culmination of the journey that results in the passing over the threshold to your empowerment.

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 What surprises our clients is how quickly the nerves fade until they are embracing the nude or scantily clad experience.  Even more is the speed with which they are comfortable expressing themselves. Finding variations of their personalities to exam, to be expressed in a pure form.

 For many the change is profound. Sarah came back a year later to tell me her story. How her life is now so different than days before her session. The session had been the flame touched to a fuse she had not realized she was trying to fan into life. Her experience going into a nude session became her catalyst.

 For others, it enriched a personal relationship in unexpected ways. Triggering conversations they thought would never happen.

 For some, it is not even the consideration for coming to us. For women like Carol, who was 28, full of youth and life, this moment for her had to be captured, revelled in. The enriched empowerment result was unexpected but embraced. She found it actually changed her status within her group of friends.

 What would a nude portrait session do for you? Are you ready for your exciting adventure? You will find your self on the edgy statement precipice of a 160 year-old trend. Is that exciting enough?


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.