BW nude couple with leather Harley Davidson Jacket. Copyright Mark Laurie, Inner Spirit Photography

The Passion of Couples – (Hey they don’t hafta stare right at the camera)

 Capture our Passion, what a great request.

 Now, Facebook is full of big grinning photographs of couples, dead center, looking right at the camera . . . and, they have their place.

 But . . .

 When a couple comes in asking me to photograph how they feel, how they connect, . . . their passion for each other, ahhh, I love that.

 I must confess though, I am spoiled; nearly all my couples come in asking for this.

 What makes it interesting is I am often not even trying to get a smile or even both faces turned to the camera. That’s ok by them though, they know what they look like. What they want is what they feel like.

 When you look at their image, you might not recognize them; you might not even see their faces, their faces might be hidden or cropped out of the image.


 There are not many big toothy grins at the camera, those “Hi, this is us, we are happy!” shots. Although, it’s not that they are unhappy, far from it.

 I get them into position, setup the lights and camera; then tell them to nibble on the neck, look into each others eyes, whisper endearing things.

 Soon, they are lost in each other, in the moment. They don’t even notice the flash going off. The room light is low, the studio is warm; they only exist for each other.

 I hate breaking that spell for the next lighting setup. But we do want a range, to tell a story.

 The bedroom set is popular of course if somewhat cliché. It is often a good place to start. There is also the extreme; one couple wanted a romantic barbarian theme moment. They loved Cosplay, had the swords, the big furry capes along with graphic novel inspirations.

 We did have to be careful with the sword placements!

 Sometimes there is distance between them. She will be against the wall looking up at the dramatic light coming down, nearly angelic, as it reveals her figure. He is off in the shadows, nude or just in jeans, looking at her with adoring eyes.

 Popular is the famous Janice Jackson Rolling Stone Cover with an unknown man’s hands coming from behind to cover her breasts as she stares boldly at the camera, the viewer. In our version the man is more visible.


 It is a great pose since I have found most men are more bashful and image concerned than their female partners. As a norm I have found men to be much more wary of the camera, nude or not. This leads to the women often conning them into a couple’s session!

 Our sessions are often 4 hours long, (the time flies when you are having fun though), so one client brought her husband along to watch, which he thought was great. After 3 hours of her posing nude, it only seemed fair that he join her in the photographs. She was so delighted!

 Silhouettes have been interesting. I pose them so there is space between them, so it’s not just a black blob; you need to see the body shapes. It is wonderfully anonymous and not that revealing while clearly being nude.


 I saw this incredible abstract approach a where the image is vastly out of focus. Photographed on bright white background and set, nearly overexposed so it is very light and airy. The couple in the image are obviously nude but you can only barely make out their shapes, not their faces or intimate bits. Their body language conveys their connection. I love the effect.

 It’s amusing: I spent all this money getting the sharpest lenses Canon makes, only to go for a blurry, out of focus image!

 For these passionate images, being nude is not a requirement, some couples just like to. Clothing works well too, although often undone a bit. It is the emotion, the passion . . . well, their connection, that makes the image so personal. Clients often visit or add to our Pinterest Nude Couples Inspiration page.

 The description of some of the popular approaches doesn’t really allow you to get the feel of what a Passionate Couple Connection is all about.  It’s really about forgetting about the camera, not worrying if eyes are open or closed.

 Passionate images are not just for the young, athletic and good looking. It is all ages and shapes, which I enjoy. We had a couple in their 70’s in, they had only been together for a few years but oh, how their eyes sparkled when they looked at each other!

 Passion, what an amazing and timeless emotion to photograph, don’t you think?


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.