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The Sensuality Of Water

 The skin glistens with droplets of water racing down her body like a cascading dress. Every curve and cleavage is accentuated as light touches the water’s sheen over the body. Behind her the spray of water drops becomes a colored wall of rain; frozen by a blue-gelled flash.

 Standing in this studio pond she feels sexy, the nature of water, warm water, transforms everyone to feel that way. The shallow water at her feet dances with the energy of rain racing off her, every movement becomes sensual.

 Except when she kneels, then like a child who’s found a mud puddle, she slams her open hands into the water, creating a spontaneous   splash.  The camera captures the peak of the dynamic change of mood.  The pure joy of the moment frozen, to be relived, grinned at, every time it’s viewed.

_6729150 amanda copy

 Everyone seems to remember the flash dance scene, arched in a chair as a bucket of water drops onto Jessica Beal’s backlit body. It was the peak of an evocative dance; the water transformed her static pose, her ridged still body into this mesmerizing, unforgettable moment.

 Emily is my water wrangler. She sprays from a ladder, throws buckets of water, injecting her energy of pure joy into the mood of the moment.  She creates the chaos of the rain falling, she shapes the spray into a twisting ribbon effect before it scatters on the nude figure.

4589D-0243ML copy

 Then suddenly it all stops, the water goes still. The woman’s body is glistening with sensuality but she is tranquil now in a classic pose, her face raised up to a strong light above her. The falling light dramatically sculpts her face, reveals her wet breasts that in turn create a shadow hiding her tummy but reveals her hips at the point of submergence.

 In the still water, her full reflection mirrors her calmness. Later, on her wall, she will call this her Zen moment.

 A moment later, Emily throws a bucket of water. It stretches out the full length of her body, for a second it is frozen horizontally above her. Then gravity grabs it, pulling this wave down to her body. It uniformly splashes up off her nude form. A chaos of water hiding just enough of her breasts and nude form to keep it both modest yet suggestive; it almost looks alive.


 Water expresses it’s sensuality in many ways. It needs a woman’s form to react with, like a lover or a partner. A bit of Ying and Yang I suppose. The water, this aqua element, is like a fourth dimension to the photography.

 Yet, it also adds a huge element of fun into this wet adventure.

 It brings out the best in a nude portrait. Its pretty wicked with just glamour, bikinis and wet t-shirts too.


 I guess that is why we do it, we love creating sensual images, something on the path less traveled. Is this for you? Would you like to be dressed in water? Bathed in rain?

 Call us at 403.252.2662, we can get you delightfully and sensually all wet. You can even try out that Flash Dance pose.


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.