Nude water image of a woman Copyright Mark Laurie -, Calgary

Clients use many words to describe their experience in front of Mark’s camera. “Dream-like”, “playful”, “oddly light and freeing” are just a few. And there is often a powerful and compelling story behind a woman’s decision to pose for a portrait.

The Inner Spirit Photography logo is an image of sprite, and one of our clients wanted to infuse our sprite with a background story of its own. We’re honoured and charmed.

Inner Spirit Photography Sprite logo, nude figure with wings“The Water Sprite”

by Megan Christine

By some magic of the fog, she somehow reads your mind. Perhaps it is in this cerebral mist where we are re-born. Perhaps it is in the gloomy silence of the world that the purest of emotion is untraceable. She looks at you, she knows you are worth more then you can see. It is like a weight is lifted, somehow your body feels less seized. You feel as if something inside of your world has been re-ignited. Hope? Is this hope? Someone is praying that you might break out; it is you. Its small crime, but you have no excuse. Why did you lose your sense of self? When did we lose the miracle of dreams? So long ago, it seems… You feel her presence around you: healing, caring, loving. It triggers something inside of you, reminding you of the wounded woman from moons before. She has let go of the tainted hate and the wrongs done throughout the course of your life, so why can you not do the same?

She is your protector. With her as your guardian, you feel a flame in your heart and soul, it was right now….in this moment…that your life had just begun. Was she really a Water Sprite? She came to take this breath of air from your lips, and caress your face with every fingertip. “It is OK now, you must be free” she says with no words at all. Then she tells you in softly spoken words: “Listen to the gentle sounds of dreaming. Do not wonder if magic can reach far enough into the soul. You can make two dreams into one and find your inner spirit.”  We come to love ourselves not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see that imperfection in ourselves is what makes us perfect.

If life is darkness, then she will take your hand and jump. She tells you that the only way to move towards your goals is to leap into the darkness; to take a leap of faith. It is a risk, but it is a risk for success, and even if you fall, at least you still jumped. That alone, is enough to plant within you the seed of hope. If your heart is wounded, then the Sprite will take half of her heart and half of your heart and make one whole. Hopefully, on the days that you taste the salt from tears in your eyes, this half Sprite, half Woman heart will be enough to strengthen you.

Now, some people think it was by magic, others say it is witchcraft, and even some will deny and say that the water Sprite is nothing more then a fairy tale. You know differently though. When the moon sings to the leaves of the trees, and the leaves back again to the moon: you know. She is a faint glow; like mist on the river in the winter. She is a gentle breeze that rises from the sea. She has long hair that was the color of the sun, and eyes that were so clear they look white, translucent. Her skin glistens and sparkles in a metallic glow. She is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, she is also a resemblance of you. Fierce, bold, and strong. She watches over you. She offers her protection, giving you the courage to find the strength inside yourself. Your inner-spirit, and her existence go hand in hand. Without her guiding you to see your true loveliness, you would never have seen the woman behind your own eyes. On the days that you forget your worth,your Water Sprite will be comfort to you.

It is strange to think that you hid yourself for most of your life. It wasn’t until she came for you to guide you to your freedom that you finally realized that you were a woman deserving of all that is good. By the side of the Sprite, you find that you are at peace with yourself and everything soon begins to feel better. You now know that time was merely a song upon the clock, and your beauty is timeless.  It’s like dreaming of things invisible or unseen and being the essence of your own inner beauty. YOU are your own beauty, and if the world tries to hinder that truth, your nurturing Sprite will find you yet again. Before you are vacant from the fleshly body that you  know, she will find you, and remind you of your inner-spirit and your inner beauty. If you still cannot see, she will look behind your eyes and show you that you are divine, and your exquisiteness never ceased to exist.

Legends say that no woman who is in the spirit form can free herself from the sea. It is true, for in the furthest woods of the inland, afar from human ear, your personal Sprite Guardian sings incantations in tongues of the ancient god. She is everywhere you are. She is the mist you saw when you found yourself. If you are wounded, she will heal you and then depart into her spirit world of enchanted dreams. She is never far from you though. In the mirror she smiles back at you, in the morning dew she glistens, and in the cool of night, she is the frost in the air. She is always there, guiding, aiding, and supporting you. Her lesson is this: “Love yourself”. If you can love your self and see how perfect you are in your own unique, magical way, then the brigade has been broken. You have discovered your self-acceptance, and this is the truest form of love you will have ever found. Your inner-spirit, brought to you by your Water Sprite, yes…because you are perfect just as you are.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.