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These Nude Photos Aren’t Really for the Guys.

With the male appreciation of the female figure, you would think that nearly all boudoir and nude portraits were primarily created as gifts for the men in our client’s lives.

They are not; even way back when we started, nearly 35 years ago, our approach struck a deeper cord with women who came to us.

This is really why I have found my niche of female portraiture so fascinating and rewarding.

It’s all about the women. What they want to express, what they want to experience but mostly what they want to gain from the whole adventure.

Yes, many of our images do wind up as gifts to very grateful partners. Sometimes they come with a string. The women explain, the gift is not the images; the gift is they can look at them whenever they want, but the images remain hers.

blog69d nude woman with cape and Marti Gras mask Copyright Mark Laurie -, Calgary

Sometimes what we create is too precious to even be printed. I know that sounds odd, and happily for us it does not occur very often. Keep in mind the experience of the session is one part of the adventure, isolated in a way. In fact some women come in with no idea what they will do with the resulting images. Some of that is because they really don’t expect them to turn out. But they always do, usually beyond their wildest expectations.

The next part of the adventure is the discovery of what they did, the tangible result. The images. The selection process and final image delivers a whole new range of emotions and happiness.

For example, the part of Carol’s session that was really important to her was the bathtub. She explained this was her Zen place. No one was allowed in for her relaxation bath, for any reason. She had a whole ritual and a rich escape into the bubble of peace.

So we created a fantastic bathroom setting with one of our tubs, candles, moody lights, draped towels then completed it with scattered clothes. Warm water was sprayed onto her skin. Just being in the set was magical. She had plans about where the images would go from this near mythic portion of her session.

Yet, when she saw them she gasped. The images perfectly created how she felt in her Zen moment, revealed her so perfectly that when someone saw it it would be like they had walked into her sacred place.

blog69b Topless nude in fashion pose red pedestal Copyright Mark Laurie -, Calgary


She could not share that moment with anyone. So she did not order any prints until years later when she needed to feel it again.

What surprises an amazing number of people is how many of the nude images become selected for wall prints, and not just in the bedroom. Sometimes there are tweaks or the image is planned to be mysterious. It becomes an anonymous nude image on the wall that is admired and speculated about.

We are working on a series for a client’s personal exotic car show room. Printed very large on polished steel the images will fill a corner. They will be amazing.

We like that the images are of her for her. That their images and their experiences are deeply personal but also deeply fulfilling. That they speak to a need in their lives and often transition into an adventure of self-discovery.

These images, these experiences; they are not really for the guys. That is what I love the most about what I do.

blog69 tattoed nude woman with reflection wearing frog had laughing as water rains on her Copyright Mark Laurie -, Calgary

Posted by: Mark Laurie

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