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“Tis The Season To Get Sexy!”

With Halloween gone, snowflakes starting to come down; thoughts are turning to candy canes. Yes Christmas is next on the big holiday list. Christmas TV movies were airing even as the Ghouls and Goblins rang out the last of the “Trick or Treats!”

We have already had clients creating their wickedly sexy good tidings gifts. November is when it all really happens though. Some of our clients laugh as they explain this is always what they have wanted to do but now with their lovers requesting risqué photography gifts they have the excuse.

Some clients are really organized; we already have two sessions planned in the New Year for Valentines gifts. Most though are planning to be fully unwrapped under a tree covered in tinsel. Carol explained that sometimes the best thing to wear is nothing at all.


The women are gleeful about the size of the surprise. Most are terrified of being photographed, let alone in a boudoir style or even nude. Their eyes sparkle as they explain this will be the last thing their lovers would guess their gift to be. They often get bolder as they imagine his delighted shock.

We have heard some wonderful stories resulting from these gifts.

We have had a few that triggered marriage proposals. One groom to be had taken my client Sue to a vacation hot spot after Christmas day. Naturally, he brought his favorite gift along, this big album holding 55 8×10 images of the woman he adored. On the 4th day of the vacation she came into the hotel room to find the album opened to the image he loved the most. It was, no surprise the one where she was wearing the least with the most provocative expression. On top of the image was a distinctive wedding ring box. After she accepted him, she was thrilled as he explained the role of her images as the trigger for his proposal.

Brittany’s story was awkwardly funny, like America’s Funniest Home Videos funny. They were at her boyfriend’s parent’s home unwrapping presents. His family knew the large gift was a nude wall print with a similar album beside it. With only those two unwrapped gifts left the family suddenly found things to do in the kitchen. His not-clued-in best friend arrived at that moment. Her boyfriend, totaling unsuspecting of how revealing the big gift would be, urged him to stay.

The moment it was unwrapped the best friend found an urgent need to join the family in the kitchen.

Album with ring

Stephanie had more fun with her gift. She told all his friends what she was getting him. They were in awe of it, even jealous. Every time he showed a buddy his gift to her they shook their heads at him. “If that is all you are getting her, you are going to be embarrassed!” So he added more gifts to her under the tree.

As Christmas drew near, she was getting nervous and he suspicious. Under the tree were her two main gifts to him beside a growing pile of boxes from him to her. This, she thought, may have backfired on her. On Christmas day she opened all of her gifts first, even more nervous when she handed the wrapped nudes to him.

He was stunned with a huge grin. “OMG, they were right, I didn’t get you enough! How about a trip to Mexico?”

Over 35 years of creating gifts for women I have noticed a lot of them have gotten follow-up gifts of trips to Mexico.

Not all our clients are getting gifts for partners. A surprising number are getting gifts for themselves. Tracie had finally left a relationship where she was not appreciated. This was, she explained to me, a gift to herself. An indulgence in expressing her beauty, a defiant statement that she was indeed a hot, desirable woman. After the session she expressed how it made her feel wildly free.

Cassandra had settled on a book but it would not be ready until after Christmas. Rather than abandon the gift idea she went with teaser notes until her book arrived. She kept on calling it foreplay for the gift; reference that made no sense to him until he got his gift. When asked if it was worth the wait, he just grinned.

Some women want to get as much mileage from their gift as possible. Her lover opened his gift to find a book with blank pages and a note. She described in the most risqué wording possible his gift. It included planning the images, her poses, from playboy and Pinterest sites. Shopping, on his dime, for exotic outfits to wear. (She still has the fantasy heels he bought). Then the session, of which he could only watch half of it, the rest must be a surprise.

She described what the big screen viewing would be like then the final unveiling of the finished book, printed in Italy no less.

It stretched out for months.

If you would like to give “The Best Gift Ever!” as one husband put it. We can make that happen for you. Can you imagine his expression? I would love to add your Christmas gift story to our collection. I can guarantee it is a gift he will be talking about for years.


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.