Female portrait of a woman posing nude in a bed of roses.

After 33 years of creating Valentine’s Gifts for unsuspecting partners, we have collected a few stories. Some are outrageous, some heart warming. As we gear up for the 2014 Valentine’s craziness, I thought it would be fun to tell a few…

Last year Susan had a life changing moment on her Valentine’s getaway. We had photographed her on her birthday – some nudes, and some in wonderfully delicate lingerie.  She thought it would be fun to show the book we created for her to the man who had whisked her away for the spontaneous vacation. When he finished looking at it, he looked up and said, “You know, we really should get married!” And they did!

My parents owned a Balloon Boutique where they made custom shaped balloon art. For my Valentine sessions they created heart-shaped arches, and the like. They also created a giant, triple layer balloon bed that was white balloons with a burgundy headrest. It was hilarious trying to pose my clients on the bed without popping the balloons. High heels had to be banned.

Cheryl’s husband was away on Valentine’s Day. For his surprise we created some pages with the look and layout of a Playboy special edition magazine, then inserted these pages with nude images of Cheryl into the book, including the racy copy similar to the others. At a casual glance, it looked just like part of the publication. She slipped it into his luggage as he left. Later, she got a very excited phone call about midnight when, in his reading, he got to her pages of the Playboy Magazine!

Maddy had planned a 6-month trip, leaving February 1st. Her boyfriend was concerned that he would be forgotten, left behind, given the length of the absence. We created our “Love Letters” for her. (Well, really for him, I guess). It’s a folder that opens up, with a photograph on a textured background spanning the open folder, and one side has the image while the other has romantic or intimate thoughts or poems. She created one for each week that she was gone, and they started on Valentine’s Day. Different friends of the couple, in clever different ways, would deliver one to him each week. It was quite the reunion when she returned, as you can imagine.

Tracy, a very shy and conservative girl, delivered her images to Steve at the restaurant on Valentine’s Day. She had the maître d’ deliver her nude images just before dessert. Cleverly she had him arranged so he was positioned with his back to the wall, so her public nudity was not being shared with whole restaurant.  The meal was finished fairly quickly, to her delight.

Catherine’s Valentine’s gift of 35 nude and revealing lingerie images resulted in a thank you gift of a trip to Mexico for a week from her thrilled boyfriend.  Within the month, we had three of her girlfriends come in for gift sessions, with hopes of the same result.

So much fun. I am looking forward to the stories I can tell from the 2014 Valentine’s photography gifts!

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.