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March 24, 2015
nude woman in water copyright Mark Laurie, InnerSpiritPhoto.com


Water: cleansing, renewing, hydrating, essential. It is the most persistent element of them all, slowly eating away mountains, remodelling landscapes and bringing life, growth and possibility with it everywhere it travels.

There are so many emotions, impressions and images that come to mind when thinking about water. But the moody moonlight set, full of mystery and color, splashing and misty, this was unquestionably the set for her.

Her happy energy radiated as she splashed and played. Creating energetic movement in the light, or mysterious silhouettes in the drizzling mist.

She always felt that water was her element, and the darkness surrounding her gave her such freedom to express her inner most self. She felt whole and entirely happy.  “Click” went the camera and violet light ignited the warm mist.


And there she was captured on “film” in her moment. Perfect in all her imperfections. Connected to her element and her world while completely in control and creating a new vision of herself. What could have been more exciting?

When she looks at the photographs from that day, she remembers the fun and the banter; the cooler water surrounding her and the warm splashes cascading over her. The feel of soft warm towels, the laughing and joking. It was such a unique experience!

There have been times, when she is unsure of her choices, unsure of direction or angry with life and the people in it. There have been moments when she feels like she has lost a bit of herself. It is in those moments these photos speak to her the most. They remind her, she is beautiful, mysterious and powerful, and just like water she can move mountains, and nothing is too big to take down one drop at a time.

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