What Husbands (Boyfriends) Don’t Know, Will Surprise Them.

You would think, or at least I would, that if your partner seems to be involved in strange goings on around your birthday, Christmas, Valentines day, etc. that it’s probably about a gift. Just raise an eyebrow and let it go. It is fun to listen to some of the stories about the lengths my clients go to while keeping this a secret. But as interesting as those stories are, the way they finally get their partners to where the gift is, is always amusing.

One of my favorites was the client whose husband had never been surprised by a gift since early childhood. By clever questions, successful detective work on where the gifts are hidden, eavesdropping and more, he always knew what all his presents were before Christmas or even his birthday.


For my client, Jane, creating a gift of nude images was a big deal that was not to be spoiled but such sneaky tactics. So she put him on notice, if he finds out OR if she thinks he has found out, his amazing gift would never appear, she told him. He would only know what it was to be, but would never actually see or touch it. He would instead get this really garish red tie she would expect him to wear. She was pretty emphatic about it. So he got was pretty spooked.

At the poker table, in spite of his winning hand, when his buddies started to drop hints, he actually left. So scared was he of losing the gift while gaining his Jane’s wrath, that he did not even look for his other gifts in case finding those would also reveal her gift. By the time Christmas arrived he was in for a whole new experience. It was the first time in his life he had no knowledge of any gift under the tree, he was not even sure how many he had under the tree.


Meanwhile Jane was getting worried that the build up was going to be more impressive than the actually gift. Fortunately. he was thrilled beyond belief with the book and wall print. He had never been so filled with anticipation for his gifts, as he was that Christmas. Jane just glowed when she told me her story.

Doris wrapped up a red herring gift, one of our original sci-fi pieces. With all the gifts unwrapped at his parent’s home, John was asking where his big gift from her was. His family, in the know, followed as she lead him out to the garage, where he spotted it all wrapped, propped up on the workbench. John was so polite and appreciative, even though sci-fi was not his thing, when he unwrapped it. When they got home, he was surprised with a door-sized image of Doris nude with his bike. He was speechless for hours, just staring at it.


Karen had her boyfriend go on a scavenger hunt that took him hours to finally get to our place to see his images. Each found clue cryptically hinted at what the final prize was.

Many men have arrived blindfolded, traveling sometimes from work, feeling very off kilter about the journey. Can you imagine being blindfolded at the office before you were led out to the waiting car?


Terrie was not even in the same city when her husband discovered her image gift. As he left for a business meeting she gave him one of Playboy’s special edition magazines, which did puzzle him. Inside we had created a layout of her that perfectly mimicked the pages of the other girls, the bio, layout design; even the paper. The one of kind pages were seamlessly inserted into the magazine. It was about midnight when she got the call. He had no idea she was a playmate, how many copies were made. . . She said it was priceless.

After photographing 5,000 clients over nearly 35 years, we have collected so many warm stories on what our clients have done with their images, it is delightful to share a few.


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.