Why Big “0” Birthdays Trigger Nude Experiences.

The BIG “0” Birthdays hold power. 20 years or 30, 40, 50, 60 years old; they become milestone markers. These are years we feel something bold should happen, if for no other reason that to make crossing that threshold memorable.

Any year that’s a zero year seems to be an emboldening year. It’s like we sense the pull of time on us; not wanting to be an early casualty to it we act with more daring, more confidence to make a milestone marker worthy of the year. It’s a year to step out of your box.


For many women it’s the trigger to get nude with us. Sometimes they fulfill a partners big “0” wish by getting nudes done here. We have so many fantastic stories of women acting on their desire for bold images when they hit that year.

A recent one was Larona. We had been photographing her with her two boys for nearly two decades. Although she remained a stunning woman over that time, she had never expressed any interest in a session just for her. That all changed on her 70th birthday. On that day she wanted to be nude in front of my camera. She wanted racy, a few innocent, a lot mysterious and even more sensuous. She brought along gorgeous corsets, amazingly spiked high heels, all with sparkling energy.

She felt so empowered she took out a Sun paper ad – 70ish woman looking for like aged man. Purpose mutually spoiling; please call. She connected so well with one that when he finally saw her book of nudes, he proposed. She did accept. Now that is milestone to remember.

It was Sarah’s husband that was turning 60; she wanted to give him a jolt for it. Her whole session revolved around the cake she brought with 60 candles on it. There is a lot you can do with a cake and a woman alternately nude then in boudoir lingerie.


At 30 Katy was the mom of several kids, she was always saying she could never get an accurate count. Her milestone purpose was to redefine herself. I think for some moms midlife crises come early; they don’t want their identity to be solely labeled as Mom. As much as they love the role, they want the reminder they are more than that. With her husband babysitting for the day, she indulged herself in our full studio experience, even extending it so she could savor it.

The added bonus was her husband got a focused experience in what her average day holds with their young live wires. It was an enriching experience for both.

Free spirited Crystal came in just shy of her 20th birthday. This was as much a self gift as it was a gift to her boyfriend. She was very comfortable and confident in her own skin. She wanted to be sure she got the nuances right to the poses she figured he would like. To that end she asked his best friend to come along to help with that. He agreed and came along but I don’t think he really thought it through. As we were setting up the first pose he was deeply engrossed into his book, not looking up. Once in her fully nude pose, she asked if he thought this would work for her boyfriend, his best friend. As he looked up I watched his as his situation fully registered with him. It was hilarious.


So, what are the plans for your next Big “0” Birthday? What will your milestone markers be?

When asked why do this, many of our clients simply say, It’s Time. If it’s time for you to step wildly out of your box for a nude experience, consider us. I would be delighted for your Big “0” Birthday to become one of my stories and your marker.


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.