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Why Do Life Coaches Recommend A Nude Photographer As A Breakthrough Tool?

 It happened with our last client. She arrived, all filled with nervous excitement on the direction of her life couch.  That had me reflecting back on the numerous women who have travelled through our studio doors at the urging of other coaches.

 Becky, for example, arrived at the urging of her life coach, who was literally on the other side of Canada. I had never met or heard of her coach. Becky had been rebuilding her life, her confidence and her self-esteem, very successfully, with her coach over the last few years. She explained she had experienced huge leaps and bounds of positive changes and growth. She had stopped questioning the why of her coach’s directions some time ago with each step that worked wonders.

 So here she was, her only direction was to go to Inner Spirit Photography, do nudes, the reason would become clear. When she viewed her images she told me her coach was right. It really changed her; she had not realized how many body image issues she was struggling with. With the new realization of how good she looked in her own skin, how excited she was to overcome her fear of being photographed, she felt, well . . . she searched for a word . . . Bolder. Fearless. Beautiful. Her coach was right again.

 When Tara looked through her self-improvement program and she saw the last item on the curriculum: Be Photographed Nude. She had a body that had birthed then breast fed her two cherished children, leaving belly and breasts she was less fond of.  She really wanted the results the coach offered, she steeled herself; signed the document.

 When that last building block arrived the whole class was ready, nervous about this final leap but committed to it. Most went off to spouses and friends for the required nude images. Tara asked her coach where previous students had gone for the best results. She was determined to get the absolute most out of her investment in the program. Her coach directed her to Inner Spirit Photography.

 In less than 15 minutes she had left her fears, insecurities and body issues behind. She played the field; bold, sensuous, playful, sexy, even nude as an art object. She was the only one who framed her nude above the bed. I think she got a gold star for her progress.

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 There are so many stories of life coach referrals.

 One of the thrills I have in my profession is watching women change as they go through the experience. Now, nude photography is a tricky thing. Unlike being photographed in a family group where if the photographer misses the mark, its just a bad photograph; when a nude is done badly it becomes tacky or worse. It can destroy rather than build or re-enforce your self-image.

 I think that life coaches understand that for us it’s not just the end image. It is the whole experience. There is a process that actually accumulates at a point after the images have been picked up. The images become the physical result of the experience, a way to return back to those powerful emotions.

 A psychology study done years ago, that ran for a year, found all our clients are in the middle of, coming out of, or had going through great personal change, whether they realized it or not. They found what they needed in their experience and in their prints.

 Coaches know that being photographed is one of the scariest things people face. In that mix the nude rises to the top.  They know that when the mind sees how easy it was to overcome that fear, all the fears below that high water mark, are easily vanquished. The sense of empowerment rises.

 One client put it in perspective. She weighed each challenge, or fear situation, in terms of is it scarier than getting her nudes done or not. If not, easy choice; if it is then she leans on the lesson of the nudes; not as scary as it looked.

 I think that Life Coaches have found a great breakthrough tool for their clients. We are thrilled it so often happens to be us.

 If you would like to experience  what life coaches recommend, give us a call, we can explore some of your ideas.

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Posted by: Mark Laurie

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