Why Nude Photo should be on your bucket list. Copyright Mark Laurie - InnerspiritPhoto.com, Calgary

We definitely think that posing in the buff should be on every woman’s bucket list. We’ve seen it transform lives and relationships. Recently we came across an article written by Crushable.com’s Kat Rosenfield on why it simply MUST be done. Her thoughts on why not made us laugh, because we’ve heard them all.

“Nooooo! Someone might put it on the internet!”
“Nooooo! Your boss/dentist/mother-in-law could see it!”
“But… won’t it be cold in there?”

But even more to the point we loved her “reasons why you should take a photo or two in your birthday suit.” Here’s an except from her piece:

Your body is beautiful. Really, it is. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re plump or slender, reedy or Rubenesque; your whole self — top to toe — deserves its day in the spotlight. Women put in huge amounts of effort each day just to meet society’s standard of beauty, only to get bogged down by stress and insecurity over failing to fit within that narrowly-defined (and often unhealthy) ideal. Stripping down and showing it off is a celebratory, powerful, even subversive act — and it’s exhilarating. And when you see those photos in the days, months and years that follow, it’ll be with a lasting appreciation for your body as the glorious, gorgeous machine it is.

It’s a confidence boost. Between diet culture, celebrity obsession, and the airbrushed images that we see every day on billboards and in magazines, women have developed an utterly warped idea of what a healthy body looks like. And the effects go way beyond simply disliking what we see in the mirror; at this point, many women are battling body dysmorphia and/or too afraid to even look at themselves naked. Seeing your own body given just a fraction of the star treatment — with makeup, lighting, and a skilled photographer to help you pose — is a powerful way to fight back against that fear and insecurity. Basically, you are so much hotter than you think you are.

It’s totally vain… and completely awesome. When it comes to balancing your busy life, you’re always being told to take care, take time out, and take one day a week to do something nice for yourself. Well, go big or go home, lady. Your “just for me” weekly manicure only lasts as long as it takes your nail polish to chip, but a private album of drawings or photos that show you at your prime — young, healthy, and before childbirth, gravity, and the vagaries of time have taken their toll — is a memory you’ll have forever. (Not to mention a great conversation-starter when someone pulls it off your bookshelf in 2072 and says, “Grandma! Was that YOU?”)

We completely agree!

Posted by: Mark Laurie

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