You saved my life.


You Saved My Life . . .

I don’t hear that a lot, at least not sincerely; in such a heartfelt honest tone. We have had “Your images changed my life, the experience let me see a new me” that sort of thing is common.

But “you saved my life . . .”

This was different. I can’t explain or describe how that felt. After all, what I do is not brain surgery.

She was on the phone. She paused, then said, “You probably don’t know this. I should have shared it at the time.”

We delivered her experience, created her images to mark what became this milestone-turning event years ago. Just now in a move she had lost the album of images. She had looked at them every day, drawing strength, power and a feeling of a bright future from them. The simple act of opening up the album brought back powerful emotions and memories of her day with us.

She explained emotionally and mentally where she was that day, the horrific experience she had had prior to the session. Then how we had changed all of that, given her a new viewpoint, a new lease on life. Just by doing what we do the way we do it.

She told me we were special and that we had saved her life; that we had been so kind, inspiring and open.


She told me what her life had become because of the experience and images. She had decided to do her next session with her new partner. We will be planning that with her in a few days.

It has been a few days but I am still moved from the call. It had not lasted long, yet it seemed to as it resonated through my thoughts.

Our studio is an odd one that way. We create more than images; our purpose has always been deeper than that.

Years ago a psychiatrist did a study of us through our clients. For a year he interviewed every client, before their session, right after and some time after. He even surveyed other studios asking emerging women about their experiences there.

He found out a lot of things. His study became a medical paper submitted through the Calgary General Hospital at the time. One of the key things he found was that every one of our clients searched for us when they were coming into, going through or coming out of great personal change, whether they realized it or not.

Changing their lives.

Our studio is a warm safe place where anything is possible. It seems to a freeing place that women can expand themselves in, take risks, explore themselves. Even find refuge, to heal, as one woman told us. A couple of clients have compared their experience to entering a cocoon then emerging a butterfly. Their point was, by seeing themselves differently they became their own butterfly, their own glorious thing of beauty.

Still, “You saved my life . . .” That is special

We are starting a new website, stories of empowerment, of finding one’s own sense of self, value beauty, strength, power. She has agreed to tell her story there.




Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.