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The Shocking Birthday Gift –

To Be Nude Or Not To Be.

 She cleverly had him sitting with his back to the wall, facing the bustling restaurant. The maitre’d handed him a closed folio then oddly retreated. He opened it, expecting a wine or desert list. He did not notice her smart phone coming up, video recording on.

 His eyes popped wide open, he suddenly slammed it shut, only the wall saved his backward fall. He looked at his wife, stunned. His shy, ultra conservative, camera fearing, beautiful wife and said, “ . . . . You’re naked!” Then less loudly with a tone full of conspiracy, “You’re naked . . .” as he opened it enough to peek inside.

 She nodded, grinning at her birthday gift’s effect. It was a milestone birthday; her gift would clearly make it memorable.


 “Happy Birthday, dear. Surprised? “ She slipped a large album out of a bag beside her. “”There’s more, one is never enough.” This time she gave a wicked grin as the album slid across the small space between them. He had not even noticed that she had cleared the path earlier.

 The conversation drifted into more intimate territory than we can share.

 But what a Birthday gift!

 We get lots of stories like this; I love them. Most of our clients do the nudes or boudoir for themselves, for their own purposes and enjoyment. But a lot are shared or designed for a birthday or anniversary gift. Catherine, a mischievous client, created her nude images as a Masters Graduation gift.


 A surprising number of men arrive at our door blind folded, very nervous; their chuckling lover guiding him into a chair. As the 8 foot screen fills with her images, she whips the blindfold off. Often the men have no idea what to say, the looks on their faces are as priceless as the Mastercard commercial relates.

 One husband turned the tables on his wife though. There was a large gathering of friends ringed in front of him. Her friend was videoing his face as he opened a bifold with two large risqué images inside. No one else could see it, but they roared in mirth at his unexpected reaction. Spotting that he was being recorded and also that someone was recording her, he quickly reversed the folder towards his audience and her, then closed it.


 It was her turn to be shocked; it was so fast though no one else registered what was there. Just that it was racy. They both nearly fell down laughing.

 Most of our clients creating these imaginative birthday gifts are shy, conservative women. Rarely wearing cleavage revealing tops or high cut dresses. Part of their thrill is their lovers will never see this gift coming. It is so beyond any expectations it usually leaves them shocked but thrilled.

 For Sara, her husband got his gift because he had called her predictable. Explaining he meant it in a positive,” we know each other so well”, way. Not being comfortable with being predictable, she had the most outrageous photo shoot designed.


 She got the odd combination of baffled and thrilled expression when he opened her book’s first few pages. She had worn an especially revealing dress, newly bought, when she privately delivered this gift. To his bewildered face, she leaned deeply forward, taking full advantage of her dresses effect, then said, “Not so predictable . . . huh?”

 I loved her telling of the story; it is very expressive.

 Not every woman is sure of her lover’s reception of the images. Sandy solved this by giving him a small collection of tame boudoir images. Although the last one was racier than the rest, they were all “safe”. He had lots of “oh mys and wows” then at the last one he just grinned for a few moments. He said it was too bad there were not more like it. She smiled then brought out the next bundle, followed by more bundles with each enthusiastic response until the last one of all nudes.


 In Sandy’s case, the question of “to be nude or not to be nude” was to definitely be nude.

 Can you imagine the response of you being the gift?  Would it be considered shocking? Unexpected? Eventful? For you would it be nude or not be nude?

 Either way, you can sure have a lot of fun with it.

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