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What She Did With Her Nudes In The Back Room Inspired Her Employees

Where things start to where they end up is often unexpected, especially with nude portraits.

Kassandra would agree. A fiercely private person, she would have fallen down laughing at the notion of commissioning a nude photo session if asked months beforehand. Adding employees into the equation . . . well thats the story.

 Looking back, she is incredulous at how it all unfolded.

She ran her business in a brutal corner of a man’s world, it was not that it was a particularly sexist workplace or that there was bullying in the schoolyard sense.

It was brutal in that it was a high stakes business where weaknesses were exploited. It was full of bold, A-type personalities, over-achievers who gave no quarter. It was a man’s world in that there was little softness, just fierce competition. It was a corner of business where it was exhausting to gain every inch.

Yet she gained more inches than most.

Sometimes who she was in that world leaked into her home world. She didn’t want this.

So her plan was to create soft, womanly, sensual and very delicate images to find that sweet, feminine spot. She used the word Girly in a vaguely descriptive way.

She even brought along newly purchased, skimpy lace lingerie. She was really trying to slip into a stereotype of womanly.

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My clients have described my style of photography to me as revealing the authenticity of a woman. Within a few images, looking at the cameras view screen she said to me, Frilly is not really me, is it?

Her session rapidly began portraying her inherent boldness. While womanly and sensual, she left her main caricature stereotype plan behind. Halfway through she was marveling at the aspects of her confidence the camera was revealing.

She surprised herself when the book she ordered was nearly all nudes; many were more revealing than she had ever imagined she could be. She loved how she saw herself in the images.

So that is the back-story.

At work, her energy would ebb and flow, like most peoples. Some days when she was particularly weary from battle, she would disappear into her office for 30 minutes. She always emerged bolder somehow, always had a cocky grin; so much so her staffed noticed it.

They speculated what happened in those 30 minutes, but no one asked.

Until Karen.

Karen was feeling a bit defeated just before an important engagement. It was important enough that she turned to her boss for some of whatever her fix was.

She trailed her boss into her private office. She was in there 30 minutes. The closed door became the object of everyones glances.

Finally she came out, grinning, shaking her head. It was the book; it never made it home. It found a new purpose at the office. It was the first time it had been shared.

Karen came in shortly after that for her own book; the rest of the staff followed over time. Their images, while all very revealing, had a focused purpose.

When Kassandra related the whole story to me, she mentioned her revenues and everyones commission that year had jumped. It could have been the economy, perhaps some new products, but she suspected the nude books in everyones desks were at least part of the reason.

I thought that was really cool.

You just never know where the nudes will take you.

If you would like to go someplace unexpected, visit us. I would love to show you the possibilities.

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