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Why Her Life Coach Recommended Us For Her Nudes.

“My Life Coach said my next stage was to be photographed nude by you. She has not guided me wrong yet, so here I am, naked and a little apprehensive. But ready for another life changing experience.” This was Carol’s explanation on why she hired us.

I’ve never met her Life Coach; she works remotely out of Halifax. Carol explained she’s been working with her for over two years. She was on a quest for recreating and empowering herself. Her coach had been having her do what she thought at first to be outrageous tasks, which she initially questioned but did.

Each one came with revelations and growth so she stopped questioning them a while ago. She just pushed her fear down, stepped up and did it. This time she dropped her robe, walked naked onto the set and experienced another leap of growth with empowerment.


At the viewing of her images, she was laughing, her coach was right again. She could feel her transition. Next stage of the task was wall image selections for display; to be bold, embrace her power and her body.

“This part is easy,” she said, “I look amazing… I never knew.” There were more tasks around the use of the images; Life Coaches work in the big picture of change. Carol was very excited about the results she could see already.

Ever since doctors from Calgary’s old General Hospital did medical studies on the positive impact of my photography on women, personal change and growth has been one of the reasons women come to us over other studios. It’s often why women come to us from all over the world.

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The Life Coach reason for coming is rarely the only one in the mix of reasons, usually the influences come out in conversations during the session.

Deciding to have nudes done is a very emboldening step. Often the results of empowerment and body acceptance come as a surprise to my clients. Which thrills them.

Since each Life Coach client has unique needs, it is not an approach that fits every client, but it fits many.4118D-0045JL-8x10-b&wtint Lingerie boudoir tinted BW in bedroom. Copyright Mark Laurie - InnerspiritPhoto.com, Calgary

It’s not just Life Coach clients that come to us, the coaches themselves often do. Years ago when Life Coaching was just starting to emerge into the public’s awareness as something viable and valuable, Theresa, a long time client switching professions, had a session specifically for her transition into Life Coaching.

We have reached the stage where Life Coaches are approaching us to be jointly active in their process. I am working with two coaches, each in a different area of life change, for a program that will take us to Mexico’s Cabo region with a small group of women wanting a breakthrough experience. Both coaches have recently been through their own session experiences.

Next week I am lunching with a psychologist to explore how my nude and boudoir photography experience can fit into her programs. That is going to be interesting!

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Women are on a quest to define themselves, their own unique beauty, even discover themselves. Usually they arrive wanting to celebrate something; mark a milestone moment, create a gift, or to just indulge themselves. They are often surprised to discover their nude images create a leap in the progress of their quest.

This is what the Life Coaches tell me they see in my images, the experience we create for women. I think it is pretty cool to be a part of that.

As clearly as Carol’s Life Coach did, which is why she and other coaches, recommend us for their clients nude experience.

It is all about embracing who you are and your own unique beauty; that is very empowering.

Just ask a Life Coach.

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