Your Professional Guarantees

Our goal is nothing short of “Wow!”

After more than three decades of wowing people, we’re so confident, we guarantee it. In fact, in addition to making you feel safe and confident in every way, we give you guarantees unrivalled in the industry.

No other professional photography studio offers this lineup of “no strings attached” guarantees:

We Owe You a Session Guarantee

: When you buy a session or gift certificate at our studio or at a trade show, we’ll always owe you that session. There’s no deadline and no hidden charges. No matter how much time passes, even if you lose the receipt (we keep really good records) the session you bought will always be waiting for you.

Safety Net Guarantee

: We know you’re excited and can’t wait to come for the session you just purchased. But if you change your mind, any time up to 2 weeks before your session, for any reason, we will give you a full refund.

Best Experience Ever Guarantee

: Your session should be an amazing experience. If it’s not, or not at all what you expected, we will redo it for free or refund all your money.

You Gotta Be Thrilled Guarantee

: You should be thrilled when you first see your projected images. If not, we will redo your session for free or refund all your money.

The Perfection Guarantee

: Your images should be perfect by your standards when you pick them up. If they are not perfect for you, we will redo them until they are.