Nude image of a woman photographed by Inner Spirit Photography Studio Calgary's Mark Laurie.

Git into the Calgary Stampede spirit! Give him something to yahoo about!

Sunlight streams through the old window, glowing on the straw bales piled in disarray. Saddles leaning casually, tack gear drapes the walls. You just know all great western romances started in a hayloft like ours. Playful, mischievous, sensuous or just plain sexy, you can do it all right in our studio barn.

Are you a cowgirl with tight jeans, great boots with a favorite hat? This Inner Spirit Photography theme set is perfect. Think of the smile on your man’s face when he you.

But maybe it’s not for a feller, just an expression of your independent spirit. Master Photographer Mark Laurie will capture you and your love of the west in revealing and artful portrait.

Is your man a cowboy? Getting into the hayloft has to be top on his wish list. Bring his gear with yours! You will have a great time playing in hay and you’ll have a gift he can not get anywhere else!

Got a little guy who loves playing cowboy? Cap guns and all? Children love this set because they can climb around, wear cowboy hats, and ride the saddles. We get real playful images.

Inner Spirit Photography’s Hayloft set is so authentic that Calgary Stampede Queens come here, not to mention girls reenacting the famous Jane Russell Outlaw pose.

Session Commission: $145 plus GST.

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