Head Shots are Personal Branding Images

Today there is a very diverse need for the traditional Head Shot, More is expected of it while it needs to be relevant in so many places; websites, social media sites, charity recognition, brochures and of course Business cards.

Your images will come in different croppings so it is easy to just drop them into the different sites.

Makeup and hair styling are options available to you.

Mark has 36 years of experience in guiding subjects to perfects poses and expressions. He can give you guidance on outfits. Plus you will be able to view the images on an iPad as you go along.

You can choose from the simple HeadShot or go for the Personal Branding where images are created for your different looks. We also have the “Keep Current” update program. This program lets you put your Headshots on auto pilot, always being updated.

Call us at 403.252.2662 for details or contact through the sidebar contact form for details and bookings.


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