Nude woman outdoors, photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography Calgary

Natural light loves the nude body. It wraps around the curves like a soft envelope. There is magic to the light. Photographing nudes out of the studio is a delight . . . and totally unpredictable. Which I love! The images are always unique; impossible to duplicate. So much is spontaneous.

We find these wonderful little corners to photograph in, but the real world is just a stumble away from joining us. It always amazes me how unaware passersby usually are.

Photographing in the mountains, we found a perfect jumble of fallen rocks a short walk from the main highway. It was just off the highway curve carved out of the rocks. Everyone was speeding through the corner, intent on getting around it; they never looked up, not one, to see us. Even though it was late July, it was a chilly morning. Our poor client was from Arizona, so she was just not geared for it. Every few moments she would glance at her husband who had joined us, telling him he owed her so big time!

One session had this cool idea of the client emerging from the middle of this small pond as the sun set. As she started to climb the ladder, it started to sink into the soft pond bottom. She had to climb rapidly, looking as casual and graceful as possible before the ladder was gone.

Deb had her session through the bush to the water’s edge of Fish Creek Park. We had just finished creating some great images with the tall reeds, when we heard a small group crashing towards us. Deb slipped her long t-shirt on just as a father emerged with two young sons and his wife trailing behind him. “Oh good,” he said “people. Which way out of here?” We pointed and off he barged, completely unaware of what he had missed. His wife smiled, though, and nodded knowingly at Deb.

In the middle of winter, after a full session in the studio, Carol asked if we could do some with her fur coat outside. With her girlfriend, we went just off the path at a nearby park. Her friend asked me a question so my back became turned from my client. Before I finished that conversation, Carol said, “Okay, I’m ready, just don’t put me into a snowdrift.” Confused, I turned back to her; she had slipped off her coat – which was the only thing she had on – and was ready to pose in the snow. It was a quick session, as you can imagine.

Nude woman in pool, photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography Calgary

Outdoor pools are fantastic to photograph in. One of my favorite shots is the classic flipping of the long hair. With fast shutter speeds we can freeze every drop. I just have to be careful not to get my camera wet. A friend was playing with an underwater housing for his camera that really has me interested.

No matter where outdoors we go, or the time of day, there is always something we can work with. Some of the homes we have photographed at have such large grounds, we can wander around picking great spots.

Nude woman outdoors, photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography Calgary

One of the boldest clients, Sharon, had told me she wanted to be photographed with a horse. I had assumed it was hers. She was giving me directions until we were heading down a gravel road that small acreages backed onto. When I asked how much further, Sharon replied, “Until we find a horse.” A few minuets later we came upon a young cowboy with a young colt. I approached him explaining my client’s request. “I suppose so, but I’ll have to hold her, she is bit skittish,” he drawled.

The shots were amazing. Imagine this slender, pale skinned women with long fiery hair laying nude on the back of the horse with a cowboy, his hat hiding his face, kneeling holding the rope. 20 shots and we were done. The cowboy was quiet, but just grinned and grinned the whole shoot.

Nude woman outdoors, photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography Calgary

Have you ever thought of being bold outdoors? The imagery is always stunning. I love the change, the challenge, and the amazing images that are always created.

PS: we still have a few spots left for the water set – it’s indoors but the water is real.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

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