Win Your Experience!

August’s contest prize is our Bubble Bath Event

Tell us how much fun you would have in our Bubble Bath Event Session. Make us laugh or blush with your ideas. We will be picking the story that we think Mark will have the most fun with. Get us excited about you.

The Bubble Bath set is actually several different components: we will have our over-sized Champagne glass filled with bubble bath soap to get it all frothy. There is the tub of course. And for something outrageous, Mark has bubble gun ray guns and a bubble machine.

It all happens on September 26 & 28th.

If you would like a chance to win a print too, enter at one of our partner locations.

You can do nude, glamour in bikini, some lingerie, or even a costume. Can’t wait to see your entry!

The winner’s image will be showcased in our Gallery and on Facebook. If you enter and win but have already booked a session, we will credit you back the value of this prize session.

If you are the guy in her life, you can win her this amazing FREE session just by telling us why you would love for her to have this experience.

Few professional photo artists are as celebrated as Calgary’s Mark Laurie. He is a four-time International Photographer of the Year and three of his nude female portraits have been blasted into space aboard the Voyager III time capsule.

Read testimonials from women transformed by the experience, then enter to win your own unique and empowering session with Mark.

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