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08: Mark Reid created this Atlantian body art for Kim. Full body art like this takes several hours of patience for the model and intense focus for the artist.
04: The flaming Phoenix with Trixton balances this amazing body art by Mark Reid and Lea.
11a: Kim by Cat, as a pantomime artist. Often props like hats, nails, gems etc. are added to the art for depth and dazzle.
12: Full length of Kim. Already tall, the platform heels made her incredibly striking.
21: Matheu loved the cigar to add to his ghoulness.
20: Alya is part of my Zombie birthday party session. Melody and Kayla Kielek created 4 amazing zombies.
19: The headdress scarf and jewelled hair ornament establishes her connection to the Indian spiritual elephant. Many overlays of textures enriched the feel of the body art.
18: She loves flowers so Melody Kelick created this amazing flower flow for her.
17: Even kids have a ball with the body art. Can you guess the movie that inspired this work the girls requested?
16: We have an incredible amount of digital accessories to enhance body art creations. Lucie B created the inspiration for our magical energy.
15: Lea Seally, on the left, made a mirror of her clothing for this twin effect. Sometimes our clients just let our body art painters conjure their own vision.
14: Cyan fits the warrior woman incredibly; she actually works with real fire. We have swords, etc to go with body art like this dragon. Mark Reid and Lea created this.
13: Adrienne in a painted suit for AbsoluteU purse launch. Props like the chair often help with the effect.
10: Jay with his girlfriend, who went all peace and love '60s in her choice.
09: Jay looks so bad boy retro in this full clothing - yes, it's nearly all body art. Only shoes, underwear, and smokes carton are real.
07: Lucie B’s body art lends itself to a more Zen expression for our client as well.
06: I always love magical things so the mystical extension of Lucie B’s art worked well.
05: Lucie B created a corseted warrior of my fitness trainer client.
03: Lucie created this wonderful dress as part of a new purse launch, AbsoluteU.
01: Often body art is part of a story that adding a background enhances. Body Art by Lucie B.
05: Lucie B created a corseted warrior for our fitness trainer client.
02: This abstract was a concept that Lucie B. was inspired by a strange 1960’s pop art ash tray.

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