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08: Go western. As much as Calgary is an oil city, we are western!
07: Traci, like most clients is a little sensitive to her tummy. We have so many ways to solve that.
06: Sara looks amazing from this angle. We created the look of window light that makes it so soft.
05: "I don’t know why fabric on stairs is so appealing to me, totally impracticable but lovely to photograph.
04: "We always have a new Harley in the Studio, thanks Calgary Harley Davidson. The wheels are great tummy hiders."
03: "Did you know a lens choice can make you look taller? We can."
01: "Subtle smiles are often more effective than big grins."
02: "Textures create a great contrast to skin, we have some many set options, you will find perfect fits."
9: Elegance makes an image timeless.
10: She loved her image set so much we created 4 books for her, each a different slice of who she is.
11: We can create arty idealized looks, there are so many options!
12: Smiles, a cocky pose, could she be any more charming?
13: Mystery, it really adds to the mood of the collection.
14: This is her husband's favourite image.
15: Splashes of color counter balance the bike, her smile ties it all together.
16: She is so peaceful; she has a soft vulnerability with her eyes closed.
17: Doesn't she look confident and bold? This could be you.
18: Bold older woman are fantastic to photograph; we are doing lots more of them. It's exciting to be part of their adventure of discovery.
19: Can you believe that the floors are rubber and wall is a backdrop, not real? Our studio is a bit like Hollywood.
20: We can alter the sense of the moment and visit the past.
21: Splashes of color help to create design. These are perfect for wall display.

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