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24: We actually have this pole in our studio. If you are a pole dancer, give us a call.
23: Black and White, on location, can be very striking. We don't need much space to work with. This is her hotel room in the Bahamas. We can do it closer to home, though.
22: Elegance, relaxed elegance, makes an amazing image.
21: It's often hard to determine what is glamour, pinup etc. We can do it all in one session.
20: We have fans that can give your hair and your image so much life!
19: This is from her book. Tattoos are often showcased in our sessions.
18: You don't need to smile or even look at the camera to get an amazing image.
17: Just friends, but sessions together are a riot!
16: You will be amazed at how relaxed and comfortable you will become, everyone is.
15: A field of rose petals, with a sunset light, you will always look amazing.
14: How would an epic cape work for you?
13: Yes, glasses can be sexy, we know how.
12: Simple engaging looks are really timeless.
11: Cutesy is so much fun.
10: I have mastered the bum shot; we can make nearly any tush look amazing, try us with yours.
09: Sports fan? Go for it, we have Flames and Stamps flags.
08: We get in all ages, our oldest woman was in her 90s.
07: We have a huge array of tricks and approaches to hide tummies and other concerns.
06: Every woman looks amazing in this suggestive pose.
05: Sometimes glamour is nearly nude, but scraps of fabric can keep it tame.
04: We often create images based on iconic images or celebrities.
03: Clothing does not always have to be conventional, have some fun with us.
02: Glamour on location is such an inspiration and delight. There are so many places we can go to. (This though is a session I did in Tuscany, Italy)
01: These 5-foot high wings are the coolest things to work on.

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