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21: This is from her book. Books allow us to create us warm stories.
20: Converting silhouette images into black and white adds to the simplicity. We can convert all our images to a variety of B&W looks.
19: Our buffalo robe softens the feel of our canyon.
18: Mostly I love to work with a soft gentle light.
17: She was wonderfully fluid to work with, youth has advantages, usually my clients are in their 30s and 40s. This canyon is one of our sets.
16: I love going for sly smiles, suggestive hints.
15: Is her lover coming or going or is it just a special memory?
14: White satin sheets create such a delicate high key image.
13: We have a unique light that helps create this intriguing look.
12: The drama of lighting. The Harley becomes our discrete cover up.
11: Very few of our clients can do this; we have some tricks to make this happen for you though.
10: Hali is this amazing yoga master so this is such a natural expression for her collection.
09: She was thrilled to get this up on her wall. It has such a casual elegance to it.
08: Flavouring our stone ruins with a little western feel.
07: She is such a cuddlier, I love capturing delicate moments.
06: She is a  competitive swimmer at the National level, her fit body shows it. We can't to this at the university pool (I think), so this worked out well.
05: Now she is not quite as long and lean as her pose in my canyon set looks. We can make any woman look amazing.
04: Yes, she is a mom, but this is a different side to her.
03: We have a special arrangement with Calgary Harley Davidson, every few months a new bike comes in. She loved that.
02: This angle makes any women look long, slender and sensual.
01: Heels in bed are so much fun. It always brings out a sly smile!

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