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25: Angles or point of view along with gentle life make images timeless and unique.
24: Celebrities love this too; these are from Calgary's own Radio Personality, Sue, book that explores her tummy joy.
23: She is one of our most endearing moms to be.
22: A lot of mothers love fantasy world novels, games and characters. We have capes and swords, just for that.
21: Can you guess the new baby's name? We love these blocks.
20: We have mastered hand placement to hide, skin reveals an honesty, confidence, and is timeless.
19: Sonograms are great props to work with.
18: It's not really a silhouette, but it holds so much delicate emotion. I love creating delicate emotions.
17: Implied nudes are really tummy reveals. Her disarming smile makes this a fresh feeling image.
16: Rich fabrics hide, reveal, and create elegance for the mom to be.
15: Coaxing sly smiles is our talent.
14: The expectant tummy creates such wonderful shapes to work with. It becomes a study of personal design.
13: Silhouettes give such a fresh approach to expectant moms. Stacie loved the clean contemporary look.
12: This wonderful sunset light creates such an interesting shadow, so much warmth is created by a very specialized light we have.
11: An elegant nude is one of our most popular portrayals.
10: We use special material to create aquatic sense to the image.
09: Fabric is wonderful; it makes the image and the moment timeless.
08: The implied approach reveals her wonderful prenatal figure yet reveals nothing intimate.
07: A wonderful wall image with the fabric creating so much life and drama to her First first baby memories.
06: She dressed to reveal her tummy but to also reflect her heritage.
05: Silhouettes are a cool way to do a suggestive nude, but it does not need to be an empty background.
04: At this moment, their baby kicked. It's a memory that will always be attached and reminded by this image.
03: We like to take a moment and let the dad be engaging with the child to come.
02: Fathers always add fun to the image.
01: She loved the delicate feathers, they revealed and hid her at the same time. Wonderfully natural.

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