What people say about this amazing experience

“That was truly a great experience for a new mom, very empowering. And the shots turned out beautiful!”

Andrea Craig

“Wow! I never realized how much a session like this could change how I look at myself. How much fun, how liberating! Every woman should do this at least once in her lifetime.”

Krista Conrad

“My heart has been uplifted, as is my confidence. I am a woman of feeling and beauty and Mark reminded me through beautiful photos of just that. I am so proud of myself and my photos!”

Amy McKay

“Well Mark, you definitely got me out of my comfort zone…in a good way! It was a “surreal” experience which I thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks also to Jan!”

Loren Currie

“One of the most fun experiences I have had! The pictures are beautiful and Mark made me feel very comfortable.”

Kim Emerson

“My wife has a beauty that you captured! I am amazed and dumbfounded!”

Russ Emerson

“The experience of taking the time for this photo session was amazing! But what was even more exciting was to pick from the great selection of my poses. We sure did a good job and I think about my body in a different way.”

Silvia Mettler

“Thank you for making me feel so beautiful-on the inside and outside. You have such a gift for bringing out what needs to come out of the people you photograph. I feel blessed by this experience.”

Shannon McIntosh

“Jan, you made me feel at ease immediately. Mark you kept me at ease; your quick wit kept my smile real. This is a gift Ken will never forget, it is a timeless gesture of love and freedom. You are both absolutely professional and real!!”

Karen Schneider

“Thank you so much for making me feel and look beautiful. Never in a million years did I think I would do this!! But it was the most fantastic experience ever!”

Barb McCutcheon